Work Experience feature hundreds of jobs for all areas around America and Europe. If you are a jobseeker looking for work opportunities or to develop your professional career, all you have to do is to registerFREE your resume in our date base!

It's Free: Our online system is free for both jobseekers and employers. When you use our site, you can avoid the costs of mailing and faxing resumes, diploma, qualifications, references, etc.

It's Easy: Why waste valuable time researching available jobs and mailing dozens of resumes? Within minutes, you can create and post your resume, and let our recruiters and employers come to you.

It's Customized: Streamline your search of jobs by specifying in which country you are willing to work, the domain and desired positions, the salary wished, the length of the contract, etc. The notices you receive regarding the searched jobs will only match the criteria you have selected.

It's Effective: By posting your resume online, your profile will be accessible to hundreds of employers from abroad. You'll also have immediate access to our date base jobs. Once you've located job(s) you can then apply direct from our web site and our consultants are ready to finalize the legal employment for you!

It's Convenient: Apply to jobs any time - day or night. Edit and update your resume online. Easy to attach relevant documents, pictures or movies.

It's Secure: Your information is protected via your username and password.

Our Resume Builder will lead you through the quick and simple process of creating an electronic resume that's will be seen by hundreds of employers from abroad. To increase your chances of being selected we suggest describing in detail your daily duties and responsibilities, attaching any document that proofs your professional experience.

Work Experience is more than just a staffing service, it is the ultimate option for employers looking to find excellent employees to grow their business, and for employees looking for the right company to further their career goals.

Services we offer to employers:

 Data Base Recruitment
 Mass Recruitment
 Research Recruitment
 HR Outsourcing
 Payroll Outsourcing
 Contract and Temporary Staff Outsourcing
 Assessment and background check services
 Psychological assessment
 Job advertising

We provide staffing for a wide variety of companies for positions including but not limited to, entry level, middle management, top management, temporary staff, medical staff and students.

Our success has been based on matching qualified candidates with employment opportunities at the finest companies. Knowledge is power in understanding the needs of both our client companies and qualified candidates.

Because we know that there are still successful companies and dedicated employees who haven't meet yet, our goal is to provide the perfect solutions for companies and the best opportunities for employees.

Using Work Experience Data Base Recruitment, your staffsolutions is just few mouse-clicks away!